Freitag, 24. Februar 2017

Institute of Interreligious Studies

Canterbury, Kathedrale
The Institute for Interreligious Studies (registered charity) is an associa­tion of educationalists, theologians, teachers, econo­mists and other interested people who want to pro­mote interfaith dialogue through encounters and pu­blications.
The members think that dialogue between various religions and ideologies, which they want to carry out through encounter in communications and discussi­ons, is highly necessary.
Encounters with, and experiences of different faiths have to be accompanied by observation, analysis and careful evaluation supported by theological, histo­rical and educational research.
The Interreligiöse Arbeitsstelle (which has themati­cally-orientated, temporary subgroups) believes that strengthening the openness towards other religions, and theologically supporting it and deepening it, is a priority. Therefor the idea of tolerance and reconciliation should be extensively promoted. 
Through practical encounters, meetings, meditations, and the study of specialist literature in this field in­formation should be increased and spread. The Interreligiöse Arbeitsstelle therefore maintains, seeks, and extends contacts with inter-religious organizations and institutions in order to participate in the network of international reconciliation and peace work.
We offer each year the INTR°A Project Award for the Complementation of the Religions in the context of a competition (with 5000 € for the winner).
The further development and spreading of received knowledge and results is an important task, but so also is the documentation of interim findings.
Such activities are an important characteristic of in­ter-religious work and should be closely related to educational theory and teaching practice in the life of schools.
Taking into account the fact that our world is challenged by various mortal threats, we need dialogue-orientated contributions in order to perceive the future more authentically than before.

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